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 July 21, 2003
Bucket O' Slugs

I can't say I'm happy about the idea that I'm probably paying more for the packaging than I am for the contents, especially since I really miss the days of getting spare TOA head packs, but I have to say that the KRAATA pod goes a long way towards smoothing my disgruntlement. Not only is it designed for use as a display platform, but I've already found them to be very useful for sorting my budding KRAATA collection, and I'll soon be using them to store some of the smaller regular-use TECHNIC pieces as well. I don't know how useful they'll be for storing duplicate KRAATA, but they're certainly more useful than the boxes and bags of previous waves.

The contents of a KRAATA pod include three randomly packed KRAATA (featuring a rather interesting array of colors) and one sticker. I know I'm still missing at least one (LERAHK), but currently there's no way of knowing exactly how many there are beyond the dozen that I've already identified. The stickers measure 31/32" per side, and I'm sure parents everywhere will be absolutely overjoyed to see their kids' rooms plastered with them by the end of the summer.

UPDATE: After 54 pods, I finally have the LERAHK sticker. In fact, I have two of them (and at least two of ten others), but I haven't found any other new stickers, so it looks like there are only twelve of them.

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