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 July 20, 2003

Double Trouble

When I first made EVIL TAHU, I didn't really want to invest a lot of money into the project. I figured I'd stick to buying two of each set so I could build all of the official standard and combiner models, and I didn't really want to get more than two extra TOA sets to build EVIL TAHU. Ironically, since then I've accumulated over $4000 worth of BIONICLE sets (including over 100 original TOA and over 200 BOHROK VA), I've built over 100 MOCs, and quite a few of those MOCs cost well over $100 to build. About a year ago, I started receiving requests for me to build a NUVA version of EVIL TAHU. I considered the idea, but I decided that if I was going to do so, it would involve going in a different direction than anyone would expect.

Rather than simply strap TOA NUVA armor and weapons, and a KANOHI NUVA on the original EVIL TAHU, I decided to build him like he should have been built two years ago. Like he would have been built if I'd been willing to spend another $45 on him. He uses essentially the same design, but I replaced all of the ONUA limbs for the much cooler black versions found in the NUI-RAMA and NUI-JAGA sets, which included reverting to the original TAHU design involving only one weapon arm and three "legs". Since the ball joint wasn't needed for the left hand, I stuck it into his chest decoration, borrowing an idea from the old TOA KAITA. I also got rid of the large gear on the back, as I'm not very fond of the look anymore. For a while I considered the possibility of swapping out the light-grey gears and bushing with black ones from the SPYBOTICS sets, but I eventually decided to stick to parts that were available when I built the original EVIL TAHU.

I still have the original EVIL TAHU intact, and while I like the look of EVIL TAHU NUVA better, EVIL TAHU has two years of history behind him and is quite likely the best known BIONICLE MOC ever made. In short, EVIL TAHU NUVA may show up again in the future, but EVIL TAHU is still the official mascot of

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