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 July 12, 2003

KRAATA Kwaandry
Mark: Back when there were only going to be thirty-six KRAATA, I thought I had the perfect display for them. Here it is:

Six KRAATA on six lids, each attached to a single baseplate with a single 1x1 brick. Simple, effective, and a good use of the KRAATA lids. But when you go from 36 KRAATA to 252 KRAATA, the story changes. At most, I could fit 96 KRAATA this way on an extra-large grey baseplate (my wall-hanging display of choice).

I don't want to hang my KRAATA collection (assuming I someday acquire all 252 varieties) on three separate plates. I suppose I could break-up the set into six different displays with each display consisting of a single evolution stage (body style), but that is really more wall space than I want to give up.

I may still display all 252 on a single extra-large grey baseplate, but I definitely won't be able to include the lids that way. Looking for a way to display all of the KRAATA and still use my lids, I came up with the following:

The KRAATA Tower

A full tower would be about 3 feet (over a meter) tall. That is a bit taller than I would like, so I may devise a carousel of three towers, perhaps with each tower divided into two parts so I can divide the six stages. I'll keep you posted.

How will you display your KRAATA?

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