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 July 7, 2003

RAHKSHI Featured On Catalog Cover
Mark: While the RAHKSHI are featured on the cover of the latest LEGO Shop At Home catalog, they and the rest of BIONICLE share a generous six-page spread near the one-third mark. The RAHKSHI are also available as KAITA kits, the KAITA VO Kit and the KAITA ZA Kit. I don't know if the Shop At Home kits are packaged this way, but the KAITA VO and KAITA ZA currently on eBay are actually shrink-wrapped sets with additional Kaita-specific packaging.

TAKANUVA, MAKUTA, TAKUA and PEWKU, JALLER and GUKKO, the TOA NUVA, the new Nike BIONICLE sandals with extra masks, the four new BIONICLE books, the TOA NUVA watch, and even the EXO-TOA make an appearance here. Only the MATORAN seem to have been left behind. Elsewhere in the catalog, the six original BOHROK join VAKAMA, ONUA, TAHU, and POHATU on the bulk-buy savings page.

The rest of the catalog is chock-full of new sets. The cover claims 100 new sets, the "most new items ever."

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