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 July 4, 2003
Purple_Dave: All six of the RAHKSHI have the same head. They've all got a trans-neon orange hip-joint for their eyes, and they've all got the same flared cowl mounted on them as heads. These cowls are one of the more interesting new pieces in the RAHKSHI package, and I'll be very surprised if we don't see at least a few of them mounted on the front of motorcycle MOCs in the next couple years. They've just got that sort of look to them, with a powerful combination of danger and speed.

Anyways, ever since seeing them in person at Toy Fair, I've been itching to put these RAHKANOHI on a TOA can top for display, and that day has finally come.

The first step was to figure out how to mount them, since they won't attach to a TOA head. I ended up going with a mount stem built from a #4 plus-rod, two full bushings, and two HUKI-brown 1x2 flat liftarms. The same general effect could be accomplished with 1x3 flat liftarms, or even 1x4's, but the 1x2's result in the RAHKANOHI hugging the spheroid surface of the TOA can top. Having chosen the 1x2's, the next step was to pick the colors. I've found them in black, light-grey, white, navy blue, metallic blue, light-blue, blue, red, metallic silver, and HUKI-brown so far. Black, white, blue, and red were right out because those are the same general colors as four of the RAHKANOHI, and I wanted to keep all of the "eyes" the same color while using a different color than any of the RAHKANOHI. Of the other six colors, I only had enough spares of light-grey and HUKI-brown to do six mount stems, and HUKI-brown is a lot closer to the trans-neon orange of the original RAHKSHI eyes, so it won the choice. The completed stem drops right into the same sockets used to mount TOA heads...

...and the RAHKANOHI can then be attached by the little plus-rod stem used to mount them on their eyes.

And here's the complete display, with one of my spare INFECTED HAU thrown in to fill out the center.

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