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 July 2, 2003

Poison Press Kit Preview
Mark: I call it the Poison Press Kit because the main feature of this particular Press Kit is the RAHKSHI LERAHK, the Poisoner, already built and coiled up in his canister. The back label of the canister has been removed so he can be seen.

His KRAATA and Mini CD-ROM are along for the ride in a separate envelope which also contains a letter from "The BIONICLE Team 2003". And speaking of CD-ROMs, the BIONICLE: Mask of Light trailer is included on a full size CD. It is exactly the same trailer as the one available on though. Even the screen size and the single-channel audio are the same.

And speaking of Mask of Light, the official preview poster for BIONICLE: Mask of Light was in the box, along with a large-scale poster of the official RAHKSHI key visual. Finally, the script for the first four pages of the DC Comics BIONICLE Issue #13 is accompanied by thumbnails of the inked-only pages. The pages are stamped in red with "FOR OFFICE USE ONLY. DO NOT CIRCULATE."

We'll get this online for you just as quickly as possible!

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