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 June 17, 2003

First Look: 8595 TAKUA & PEWKU
Mark: Let me say up front that pictures just don't do this set any justice. PEWKU is just a jumbled mess in photographs, to me anyway. But up-close and in-the-brick, she is a delight.

As she sits still, you can admire her lovely and posable eye-stalks and claws, but where she really shines is in motion. PEWKU "walks" with a very pleasant clickety sound as you roll her across the floor. Yes, under all of that crabby exterior there are four wheels cleverly attached to her legs. If you have the patience or the bandwidth, you can see it in this 7 MB QuickTime movie.

Of course, riding PEWKU is TAKUA in his new form. PEWKU has pins which secure TAKUA at the hips while he is riding. PEWKU can seat two.

I have not been particularly fond of the new body-style aesthetic, but I must admit that the new style is much more fun to play with. As built, TAKUA can be set into many different poses. That includes sitting down of course. I don't recommend riding USSAL while standing.

Included in the instructions are one-third of the steps necessary to build the 8593 + 8594 + 8595 Combiner MAKUTA NUI:

Two other images you may enjoy from the back of the instructions are the RAHKSHI and KRAATA:

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