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 June 14, 2003

What Isn't There
Mark: So, I'm looking at BOHROK-KAL pods at my local Toys "R" Us store, searching for a tell-tale bag with a metal KRANA-KAL, when suddenly

I don't see it. Ordinarily, I have to shake a Mini-CD out of the way to see the lack of a metal KRANA-KAL bag. This time, it was obvious from the moment I picked it up.

My first thought was that someone had taken out the Mini-CD and walked off with it. But the pod was still sealed and looked untampered with. And then it dawned on me. No one had taken it out because no one had put one in!

If you look under TAHNOK-KAL's right shield above, you will clearly not see the Mini-CD logo that has been present on every other BOHROK-KAL pod that I have looked at up until now. See the picture below for what the pod looks like with the Mini-CD.

So, there you have it. The good news is, the BOHROK-KAL have sold well enough that The LEGO Company has run out of Mini-CD ROMs to put in the pods. The bad news is, if you have not yet purchased the BOHROK-KAL and you want the Mini-CD ROMs that come with them, well then you had better be careful out there.

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