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 May 31, 2003

My NUVA Watch
Mark: Above is the front of the BIONICLE TAHU NUVA WATCH (Item #4193352) box. Here are four of the other sides:

Below is a comparison of this watch (on the left) with the original BIONICLE WATCH and my Space-theme watch.

I originally was not going to purchase the NUVA watch because it appeared to be as small as the original BIONICLE watch. That changed the moment I saw the watch in person at a LEGO Outlet store. As you can see from the above comparison, the watches appear to be the same size (when viewed individually) due to a trick of scale. The NUVA watch links are the same proportion as the original watch links, but they are much larger.

The NUVA watch is massive! Or perhaps I should write "massive looking", because it is in fact very light weight. Unlike earlier watches, the wrist band is held together with genuine LEGO parts; in this case, size 3 axles. You can add or remove links to properly size the band to your wrist.

The "clasp" is actually a size 4 axle with a TOA ball glued onto it. Because of this, it takes quite a bit of one-handed dexterity to put the watch on. I improved my success rate when I started inserting the axle part way into one of the links prior to putting the watch on.

The watch hands (which glow in the dark!) vaguely resemble TAHU NUVA's swords, but the numbers are Arabic instead of Matoran. The dial is a nicely crafted gear. The watch face is surrounded by four holes to which you can attach whatever you like, but unlike the original BIONICLE watch or the BOHROK WATCH there are no attachments included.

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