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 May 30, 2003

All Our Powers (And The Mail Too) Against Us!
Mark: This issue of the magazine features the ROBOBOTS on the cover, but the entire inside of the front cover is devoted to the RAHKSHI, as seen here:

You will hardly see any BIONICLE in the rest of the magazine until you get to the back cover. There you will find the "CLUB SPECIAL" offer on PANRAHK and VORAHK. There is also an offer of a free TOA NUVA poster with any order.

The comic has returned to its smaller dimensions, no doubt the result of some evil gravity-enhancing scheme of NUHVOK-KAL. The center-spread touts the BOHROK-KAL MINI-CDs. The final pages are devoted to BIONICLE.COM, the "Search for the 7th TOA" contest, and a new summer van tour!

And finally, the back page reveals that "A Hero Will Be Revealed" in BIONICLE: MASK OF LIGHT THE MOVIE.

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