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 May 27, 2003

Mark: Contained in the little white box was a genuine KRAATA canister, but without the outer label. Inside the canister was just one KRAATA (instead of the usual three), but included with the KRAATA was this small banner:

The banner says:

Just as the life of a Rahkshi spawns from the Kraata, so too will your discovery into the Rahkshi. Known for spreading infection throughout the island of Mata Nui, this Kraata signals the spread of information to you. The Toa Nuva have stopped all foes who faced them in the past. But what of the Rahkshi? Makuta's group of six is the most formidable nemesis yet. Prepare yourself for what is about to be … UNLEASHED!

Then in the Matoran script it reads: "MORE TO COME FROM MATA NUI …".

Here is just a little more information about the KRAATA canister. It is not very big, about 2¼" tall and 1¾" in diameter (57 mm x 45 mm), about the size of a baby-food jar. Still, three KRAATA easily lounge about the bottom of the canister with room for another twelve-to-fifteen to pile on top.

As you can see in the above image, the KRAATA can be attached to the six indentations around the top of the canister lid. The lid has "KRAATA" written on it in the Matoran script.

The KRAATA themselves are longer and narrower than the KRANA, but they have about the same mass as the KRANA and appear to be made of the same material. Note that the KRAATA are sold alone. There are no KANOHI or other extraneous parts included in the canister — just three KRAATA.

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