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 May 25, 2003

BioniWars: Unimpaired Vision

The Scout Troopers (aka Biker Scouts) were always my favorite Imperial Trooper, from their cool speederbikes, and their cute little mini-blasters, to the more sensible design of their helmet. It has been widely noted that the basic Stormie helmet is an occupational hazard, as it doesn't allow the wearer to see much of anything (causing such injuries as concussions from banging one's head on an overhead door). The Scout Trooper helmet is the only fully enclosed Imperial Trooper helmet that provides relatively unimpaired vision of the trooper's surroundings. It's only fitting that this is the one Imperial Toaper in the BioniWars series that didn't require cheating a bit on the color scheme. With the only five grey parts in this design being basic connector pins (four to hold the armor attachments, and one to hold the holster), the basic look of the model is entirely done in black and white, which presents a much more stark look than the light-grey legs and arms I had to use for the rest of the Toapers. The result is a crisper, more imposing, and all-around better look.

I came up with a new foot design for this character, which not only looks much better than any of the others, but it also allows for certain, shall we say, accessories. Most notable is the ankle holster seen on the right leg, which can actually hold the Scout Toaper's blaster pistol without any modifications. I used white 1x2 flat liftarms on the inside of the legs, as the white attachments are intended to represent the big knee pads, while the arms got black 1x2's on the inside since the upper arm guards only cover the outer half of the arm. Two white hip-joints mounted upside-down right in front of the hips represent the large pouches on the belly of the Scout Trooper armor (there's a better way to do these, but I'd need this part in white).

The Scout Trooper armor is a lot less bulky, and part of how I chose to represent that was to leave the chest unobstructed. The entire neck region is built with black parts, including three 12-tooth gears from the Shadowstrike S70, which serves to represent the portion of the body glove seen through the larger neckline of the torso armor. I also left all attachments off the back, figuring the center mount for the gearbox would serve to represent the thing on the back that looks like an air-scoop better than anything I could build around it. Originally, I had intended to use the white HAU on my CloneToaper, since it would help to tie their look to Jango Fetoa (much like how the Clonetrooper's T-shaped visor did the same for Jango Fett), but I later realized that it didn't really look much like the Clonetrooper helmet, and it was much more accurate to represent the Scout Trooper helmet.

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