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 May 24, 2003

BioniWars: Fett, The Third

Physically, this Boba Fetoa is identical to his TESB counterpart with the exception of the gun. Visually, there are a few more differences. The gauntlets are red, and the hip pouches are brown. The jetpack is also quite different, with green pieces swapped out for red and yellow pieces in the center, the green thrust nozzles have been replaced with light-grey ones, and the missile has a new color scheme as well.

Where the previous version was posed to look like he did in the Cloud City dining room, this one is posed to look like he did just before Luke chopped his gun in half. I still like the TESB Fetoa better because of the pose, but I've always been more partial to the brighter color scheme of the ROTJ armor, so once I figured out the basic design I couldn't resist making this version as well. Besides, it gave me the challenge of seeing if I could figure out how to make both versions of his rifle.

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