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Who is your favorite Toa?


 May 23, 2003

BioniWars: Fett, The Second

This is easily my favorite in the series, not just because it was the first. I'm very pleased with how he just exudes lethal menace, while striking a casual pose. This is a guy who could hold his own in a battle of wills against Darth Vatoa.

Since I didn't have to attach any holsters to his legs like I did with Jango, I was able to give him his distinctive knee pads, which help to complement the bright yellow shoulder armor. The gauntlets use the same construction as Jango's, and the core section of the jetpack is also the same, but there is a large removable missile mounted to the top, and the lower back is shaped differently with side-mounted thruster nozzles. One other minor difference is that I added a 1x1 round plate to represent Boba's chest emblem.

I do have a couple things I'd like to change about this design. I'd love to be able to swap out all of the dark-grey pieces on the jetpack for green ones, but the side plates haven't been made in green, and the cones used for the missile have just been released in green for the first time this month (and it'd cost me about $60 to swap three of them). I'd also like to add the cape, but I'm not sure if there is any official LEGO cloth that would work in this situation.

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