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 May 21, 2003

BioniWars: Flak In Black

Having a career path that's only slightly less suicidal than that of StormToaper, the TOA Fighter Pilot does stand a better chance of being noticed when he meets his inevitable end. After all, TOA Fighters tend to make much bigger explosions than StormToaper armor.

The basic body is pretty simple, though the shoulders require a bit of a judgement call. I originally built him with black shoulders, but I thought silver might serve to represent the Imperial emblem seen on the uniform. I also (briefly) considered attaching actual Imperial emblem tiles from one of the TIE Fighter sets...until I realized how much extra bulk that would require (think shoulder-mounted bongo drums). The only real challenge was figuring out how to deal with the chest box. The actual box portion was fairly simple to cobble together, but I was never able to figure out how to connect the hoses to the front of the head. I ended up just tucking the loose ends under the chin. It works fairly well, though the head does tend to lift off the neck a tiny bit over time.

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