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 April 17, 2003

Poster Of The Day
Mark: Our poster today is another book cover, this time featuring ONUA and GALI. These book covers were provided to select schools for the 20012002 school year and were usually distributed through their libraries. I received this one courtesy of Cover Concepts, along with a bunch of others just like it to give away. Details on how to get one for yourself are coming up soon!

This book cover is the same size (14" x 22", 360 mm x 550 mm) as the 2001 Key Graphic Poster and the other two book covers shown previously. Featuring ONUA and GALI, information about both of these TOA is provided in the Mata Nui script. Also shown are each of the TOA's six great masks. A decoder key and folding instructions fill out the rest of the space.

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