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 April 14, 2003

Poster Of The Day
Mark: I'm launching a new "Poster Of The Day" feature. It won't always be a poster, and it might not even be every day, but "Poster Of The Day" seems to be the title that fits best.

That is especially true today because I'm kicking off the feature with the 2001 Key Graphic Poster. This poster is 14" x 22" (360 mm x 550 mm) and features the six original TOA in front of the Kini Nui with the INFECTED HAU-blend-to-Mata Nui image in the background. "BIONICLE" is emblazoned across the top with the website URL "" underneath. "FIND THE POWER" and "LEGO TECHNIC" also adorn the poster.

As far as I know, the poster was never for sale but only distributed promotionally. My thanks go to Cover Concepts for supplying this one to me. If you would like one of your very own, keep reading the "Poster Of The Week" feature all this week for more information because I will be giving some away.

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