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 March 15, 2003

Retro Neo-KOPEKE
Purple_Dave: Not being a huge fan of the bulky new MATORAN body design, I realize it pretty much killed the chances of us seeing MNOLG-style versions of KOPEKE and TAMARU, the two remaining unbuildable characters from TAKUA'S defense squad. However, one unexpected benefit that popped up was that a KOPEKE set showed up at Toy Fair 2003. While completely unrecognizable from the MNOLG version, this has been confirmed as KOPEKE by both Brian and Leah, based on the fact that the KOMAU looks too much like a human face (I'm not sure why they went for the color switch). The logical thing to do, in my mind, was to combine the look of the MoL KOPEKE with the MNOLG body design, thus giving me one more buildable MATORAN to add to my collection. More importantly, this bumps the number of buildable KO-KORONANS up to three, counting the official MATORO set.

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Retro Neo-KOPEKE, MOC By Purple Dave

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