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 February 23, 2003
BIONICLE™ Legend Continues...
Purple_Dave: BIONICLE™ Legend Continues with Introduction of New Toys, Direct-to-Video Movie for 2003

--Hot LEGO® toy property continues to sizzle, story evolves, as kids prepare for first full-length video premiere of epic story line--

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR, NEW YORK -- Momentum continues to build for LEGO® Company's BIONICLE™ property in 2003, with new characters, new story chapters unfolding and a direct-to-video feature premiering this fall from Miramax/Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

This month, six new BOHROK-KAL, insect-like robotic creatures, swarm the island of MATA NUI and toy shelves alike. These six elite BOHROK are clever, cunning, and out to undo the peace that the TOA NUVA heroes brought to the villages of MATA NUI. The BOHROK-KAL are highlighted by new armor, tools and identity markings, and contain new collectible KRANA -- power brains -- including a rare silver piece. Recommended for children ages 7 and up, the BOHROK-KAL have a suggested retail price of $7.99 (USD) each.

In July, the company introduces the fiercest foes the TOA NUVA ever have encountered -- the RAHKSHI. Spawns of MAKUTA, the name of the dark shadow cast over MATA NUI, the RAHKSHI have mastered the island's elemental powers for evil purpose. Each figure features new building elements, character traits and collectible elements -- new KRAATA leeches -- to add depth to the BIONICLE™ storyline. Recommended for children ages 7 and up, the RAHKSHI have a suggested retail price of $8.99 (USD) each.

The RAHKSHI will also play a major role in the September 2003 release of the BIONICLE™: MASK OF LIGHT, The Movie, from Miramax/Buena Vista Home Entertainment. The movie depicts the quest for the elusive MASK OF LIGHT, and the search for the mysterious seventh TOA. The film features BIONICLE™ characters in computer-generated animation, and marks the first time fans will hear the TOA NUVA speak.

"This is a most exciting year for the BIONICLE™ property," says Andrew Black, president, LEGO® Americas. "We continue to develop innovative play materials that blend story development and constructive play, but, more importantly, we are collaborating with targeted and relevant partners to establish BIONICLE™ as a true entertainment and lifestyle brand for today's young trendsetter boys."

Children can live the BIONICLE™ legend through a variety of lifestyle products in targeted categories. BIONICLE™ by Nike is an innovative line of cross-trainer sneakers based on the TOA NUVA that features interchangeable, collectible masks that cover the shoe's toe-box. Other products include: a series of BIONICLE™ novels from Scholastic Books, Upper Deck trading card games, board games from Warren Industries/RoseArt, a Mead calendar, constructible pens from CDM, watches and clocks from Clic Time and a forthcoming line of apparel from Kids' Headquarters.

Winner of two Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year (T.O.T.Y.) Awards for Most Innovative Toy and Best Boy Toy in its launch year, BIONICLE™ has been nominated again for Best Boy Toy in 2002, in addition to making the People's Choice Ballot. The line continues to be one of LEGO® Company's strongest sellers, with more than 17 million cans sold in 2002.

Just as a couple notes on this press release, there will also be a forthcoming line of Nike sandals, which will be compatible with the existing TOA NUVA toe-clips (you can just make them out in this image, with the KOPAKA NUVA toe clips on (though I think the two kids are also wearing them). They look similar in design to the shoes, but you can see that the grey part around the heel is slightly different, with large portions cut out in the back, and the middle of the sandal is basically just wide black elastic straps. They are wearing some of the shirts from the upcoming Kids' Headquarters clothing line mentioned in this press release.

I also believe the "17 million cans" listed was specifically within North America (thus the total number of cans sold worldwide would be considerably higher), based on my conversation with Lincoln in the BIONICLE™ van last Sunday. And no, it's not a typo that the RAHKSHI will be costing $9 instead of $8, like the BOHROK-KAL and TOA NUVA.

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