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 January 29, 2003

One Who Defends
Purple_Dave: During the scene where TAHNOK-KAL is robbing the TA-SUVA shrine, we see a pair of TA-KORONAN guards run up behind TAKUA. If you look closely, you'll see that the one on the right side of the screen can be built with existing parts. While the black/red color combo does have a certain level of coolness, it doesn't really fit the bright fiery color scheme normally associated with TA-KORONAN characters. Still, another buildable MATORAN is always a good thing.

This particular MATORAN can be built with arms and torso from either ONEPU or NUPARU (I went with NUPARU to get the extra disc-throwing arm), legs from a TAHNOK VA, and a red KAKAMA. Since the forked staves used by the TA-KORONAN Guard haven't been produced as actual pieces, I used VAKAMA'S firestaff instead (you might recall that I did this with a previous recreation.

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