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 December 30, 2002

The Hunter Hunted
Purple_Dave: WARNING: Do not try this at home. Our photographer is experienced in the dangerous art of YUHLOK-stalking, and is well-trained in the art of fruitcake deflection.

In the above picture we see the rare YUHLOK, blending in with the the other Christmas tree ornaments (if you look carefully in the center of the image, you can just make it out). Hanging by its tail, it awaits its unsuspecting prey...

When a likely victim starts approaching, it will untuck its head to keep a better eye on its prey...

As the victim draws nearer, it will prepare to attack by uncurling the rest of its body. At this point, it's almost guaranteed that someone is getting clonked in the head with a stale fruitcake, so if you ever see a YUHLOK hanging in this position, dive for cover! (At this point, the photographer, heeding this same advice, was unable to obtain any more photos.)

NOTE: Come back next Christmas season for pics of EGHNOK and MUHSAK!

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