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 December 31, 2002
On The Tenth Day Of Goldness...

Unlike the EXO-POHATU and EXO-ONUA, the EXO-TAHU is fairly simple. I used the EXO-GALI as a base, since I found I liked the results of using the lap-bar to firmly press the TOA into the backrest. However, I did not like having his weapon sticking out where it could interfere with the right "hook" arm. This was not a problem with POHATU (whose weapons are his feet) or with ONUA or GALI (whose weapons are their hands), but with the remaining three TOA, they've got these large bladed weapons that just needed to be removed so they wouldn't look silly sticking out of the chest armor.

To remedy this situation, I took a black plus/pin combo and a plus-rod T-connector and mounted them up in the back right shoulder area. This gave me a good out-of-the-way place to attach the sword when TAHU doesn't need it anyways.

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