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 December 21, 2002

Tis The Season...
Purple_Dave: Introducing YUHLOK, the Christmas BOHROK! He has complete elemental control of stale fruitcakes, and he likes to spend his free time disguised as a Christmas tree ornament, complete with an authentic Brick hook.

He's a bit heavy compared to the average ornament, so I gave him a VU KRANA to help lighten the load.

It's not actually possible to hang him inside a BOHROK pod due to the way the hook is attached, but I figured it's a good way to store him during the other 11 months, so it's a good thing that the hook is removable.

To be honest, this is not actually possible with the way I built YUHLOK. I didn't want the arms and legs shifting around, so I figured out a way to pin the feet to the torso, and then pin the hands to the feet. I had to remove a few pieces and swap a #6 plus-rod for a #3 to take these photos, but I figured I'd probably be asked to show them anyways, so I decided to take care of it right away.

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