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 October 19, 2002

Events Update
Mark: I had a couple MoD readers warn me that their Zany Brainy was not going to have a BIONICLE event, but I had already called my closest store and confirmed that they were indeed holding theirs. As it turned out, I don't know the full extent of the event because there were no 812 year-olds in the store interested in the event and the event would not proceed (with what I was told earlier would be a story) without any. They did however provide me with some goodies. I'll post those pictures soon.

It is always a good idea to call your local store in advance of these events and determine if they are going to be held at your store, and if so when. For whatever reason, your store might not be able to hold the event or might have to move the time. For those who called Zany Brainy and were told that there was no event, I suggest you call back and ask if they have any free promotional LEGO BIONICLE posters available. The one I received has a picture of KOPAKA NUVA and TAHU NUVA together. The other TOA NUVA will be paired on posters the following two Fridays.

The Toys "R" Us promo had no such age restrictions, so my under-8 son was able to compete. The game featured a large map of Mata Nui laid out upon the floor, giant inflated dice, and six giant game cards (one for each TOA NUVA) approximately 4' x 2' in size. Two-foot tall cardboard TOA NUVA game pieces were moved along the game board in a "Quest for the Nest" each time a contestant answered a BIONICLE trivia question correctly. At the end of the game, the first 75 contestants received a take-home version of the game (box shown above).

The dice for the game consist of one standard six-sided die layout, except for the numbers are Matoran, and another six-sided die with one of each of the six TOA NUVA symbols on each side. The big disappointment is that the TOA NUVA symbol die is not laid out like the cube image we have seen previously and the symbols do not interconnect.

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