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 October 14, 2002

Pok, Pok, Goose

I didn't like how much of the POKAWI was built with black parts, so the first thing I did was replace them with green. The two 2x4 L-shaped liftarms came from the Battle Cars set, which would also allow you to replace the hips with green pieces if you want to, but I didn't like having two of those precious black friction plus/pin combos tied up in the hips, so I replaced that assembly with pieces from a Pit Droid set. The piece that holds the LEHVAK hand-shield on can be swapped for a green one, also from the Pit Droid, and since I disliked the look of that hand-shield on the back of my POKAWI, I replaced it with a light-green ONUA claw from the NUI-RAMA set, which is supposed to be a tuft of large, decorative plumes. That assembly is held on with a #5 plus-rod, which provides attachment points for a pair of PAHRAK eyes. All birds have wings, no matter how useless they are (just ask a kiwi about that one), and I realized that the original INFERNAVIKA wings would work perfectly here, since the POKAWI is supposed to be a flightless bird. Finally, while I don't mind using the TECHNIC balls for eyes on some things, they're just way too big to be used as eyes on such a tiny head, so I searched through my spare parts pile and found a pair of 1x1 round yellow plates from the MANAS set that would work much better.

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