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 October 13, 2002

Aw, It's So Cute...

This design is exclusive to the online LEGO Club and you must be signed in to access the instructions. Built from a TAHNOK VA and a LEHVAK VA, this is the second model to combine parts from two BOHROK VA, and, like the INFERNAVIKA, it's also a bird.

As a flightless bird, one doesn't exactly expect to see large wings on it, but the LEHVAK hand-shield seems to have been placed there for that purpose. Once again the non-symmetrical shape makes that piece look very much out of place in this design. Unfortunately, with any other existing hand-shield on its back, the bright green parts would look completely out of place. And I'm not exactly sure why, but the gigantic black eyes look a bit unnerving on this design. I do realize that this design was created solely from the pieces available in two sets, but I really think it could be significantly improved by the replacement of as many black parts as possible.

While it's already been done once before, I still love the MATORAN feet being used for this purpose, as they make for a very cartoonish bird foot. While we have seen the brainpans being used to make a tail before, the use as a bird's belly shows some real creativity, as does the design of the beak.

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